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  I wish for more thought, labor, and resources from nontribal people towards decolonizing in 2022. A couple of weeks ago I emailed  Draft Steps for Decolonizing  and asked for your feedback. Today I share some of the responses, beginning with what two tribal women from the Wind River Indian Reservation (WRIR) had to say. I am humbled by their taking time to respond because I know how busy each of them is. I am thankful to them for sharing their knowledge and wisdom.   Thoughts from one Native woman WRIR:   There needs to be a curriculum created to educate programs, institutions, and organizations on diversity training for inclusion, … and with diversity training for all created by white and Native voices.   Thoughts from another Native woman from the WRIR:   May we add: Understanding that decolonization in the church is also vital to Indigenous healing?  I have been talking more and more about this with other Indigenous Christians. It's a hard conversation to have because a good p