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Part 2: Filling the Gaps

Katie Roenigk has done it again this Sunday in the   Riverton Ranger  in her “Part 2” article headlined on the front page, “Through the gaps: Antelope lived hard cycle before shooting.” Thanks, Katie, for helping to educate us.  In so many ways this community failed Andy Antelope before he was shot by a Riverton police officer, someone who knew about at least some of Andy Antelope’s hardships beforehand. This series of articles gives us a chance to go back before September 21, 2019, when Andy Antelope was outside of the Riverton Walmart eating a hotdog that he had purchased from a veteran’s fundraiser when confronted by the officer who killed him. Last week we learned in “Part 1” that Andy Antelope had been sexually assaulted only a few days before he was killed and that the Fremont County Sheriff’s office and County Attorney have not released the report of its investigation and that a rape kit had been conducted, although we do not even know whether it was analyzed for evidence. We do

Filling In the Gaps

 Today’s  Riverton Ranger  has a frontpage story that opens with, “Anderson Antelope’s numerous contacts with law enforcement and medical professionals in the days leading up to his death at the hands of a Riverton police officer demonstrates the gaps in the criminal justice and health care systems in meeting the needs of a vulnerable member of society.” The article, written by Katie Roenigk, raises more questions than it answers because the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office refuses to release the results of the investigation of the sexual assault of Andy Antelope that was reported on September 18, 2019, to Officer James Donahue, the same officer who pulled the trigger on September 21, 2019, killing Andy Antelope. The county attorney supports the decision of the sheriff’s office to not release the report, although a Wyoming Supreme Court decision rules that the report can be released to the public, although names may be redacted.  I have asked why the police were called by Walmart th

Who I Am

A close friend suggested that I write in my blog about who I am. I feel uncomfortable writing about myself. Is this like a job resume or is it a personal inventory, like I have done in the past as a part of being in AlAnon? Maybe somewhere in between. The reason my friend suggested this is so people who question my motives of why I do social justice volunteer work at age 76 have a better understanding. In a nutshell, it is who I am. As a pastor said about me years ago, social justice issues are my children. As a parent of social justice concerns, I do not always get it right. But I am confident that I know more than I did fifty years ago. At the same time, I know that I must continue learning by reading, listening, discussing, and studying to figure out how to do it better. My earliest recollection of social justice work on my part was when I was in the fourth grade. At recess, some boys were throwing rocks at another boy. I walked up to them and told them to stop. They did. When t