Resistance Opportunities

Three events can help each of us determine whether we are complicit with or resisting injustices towards the Northern Arapaho, Eastern Shoshone, and other indigenous nations.

Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Meet & Greet with Angelo Sage, Northern Arapaho, and Organizer for “Justice for Andy” for the Riverton Peace Mission at the Wyoming Equality office, 1601 Capitol Avenue, Cheyenne. Angelo plans to go to Cheyenne this week to connect with Antonio Serrano and others for training on organizing and community engagement; and thanks to Sabrina King, while Angelo is in Cheyenne, he will meet with supporters to raise funds to continue his work and for folks to learn more about the “Justice for Andy” campaign and what it means for indigenous people living on the Wind River Indian Reservation and in Fremont County. All supporters are welcome!

Can’t be in Cheyenne on Tuesday? We welcome more Meet & Greet opportunities for Angelo Sage in other communities in Wyoming. If you could host or co-host an event where you live, let me know. Also, you may mail checks to PO Box 255, Riverton WY 82501 or donate online at

Thursday, 7 pm, monthly gathering for the Wind River Justice Pod. This month Darrah Perez, Blackfeet who makes the Wind River Indian Reservation her home, former reporter for Wyoming Public Radio, film producer, and co-founder of Wind River Grow Our Own, will debut her interview with Anderson Antelope, Jr., who is currently in prison in Torrington in Wyoming’s medium security facility. Anderson is the son of Anderson Antelope, Sr., the person for whom the “Justice for Andy” campaign was organized two years ago. Even from prison, Anderson, Jr., continues his fight to get justice for his father, despite police harassment designed to deter him.

This event is by Zoom. If you are not currently on the invitation list for the monthly Wind River Justice Pod meetings and would like to attend this event, email me at and I will send you the link.  Following the presentation, we will break into circles to discuss our reactions and roles.

Friday, November 5, 5:30 pm, Powder River Basin Resource Council, at its 49th Annual Meeting with keynote speaker Jason Baldes, Eastern Shoshone, Tribal Buffalo Manager for the National Wildlife Federation. Jason, who spearheaded the successful effort to relocate a buffalo herd onto the Wind River Indian Reservation in 2016 after buffalo had been wiped out 130 years earlier, will speak about indigenous cultural revitalization and ecological restoration that ties in with economic survival. The theme of the annual meeting is Reimagining Wyoming: Buffalo, Transformation, and Sustainability. This is a Zoom event. You may register at

My reflection from discussion this past week is that justice for the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho is not so much about addressing racism and prejudice, although they are alive and well here, but more about the need to de-colonize, to support tribal sovereignty, federal treaty obligations, land back initiatives, and dual citizenship rights with indigenous tribal nations and with the United States of America. Better understanding calls us to action. To do otherwise makes us complicit.

Fear not. Be bold. Build relationships. Be humble. Do justice.


Chesie Lee, Chair

Riverton Peace Mission

PO Box 255

Riverton, WY 82501