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Right to Life

  After the People’s Theater Inquest, Rev. Rodger McDaniel, wrote an excellent column published in the   Wyoming Tribune Eagle   on August 15, 2021. Three days later, with Rev. McDaniel’s permission, I provided it to the   Riverton Ranger  to be reprinted there either as a column with Rev. McDaniel’s photo or as a letter to the editor. I am disappointed that more than a month later, it has not yet been reprinted. Hence, I now share it below with the readers of my weekly blog, while I wonder why a newspaper that serves Riverton would not welcome the opportunity to publish something challenging us to consider deeply about a human life taken without meaningful accountability, to reach more people than were able to attend the People’s Theater Inquest. Fear not. Be bold. Build relationships. Be humble. Do justice. Blessings, Chesie Rev. Rodger McDaniel wrote: “Right to Life” sentiment is sprinkled throughout Fremont County as if by salt and pepper shakers. They refer to fetuses, not Indians


A white woman checking out in front of me at the grocery store was telling the clerk about what should be done to people coming onto your property without permission. She said, “Say someone is sleeping on my lawn furniture, I would take a horsewhip to them; and if the police showed up, I’d just say that’s how I found them.” I suspect that this being Riverton, the woman was talking about a few homeless Native Americans who may be intoxicated and sometimes end up in someone’s yard or house looking for a place to sleep. At the time, I was occupied with unloading my grocery cart making sure that I put frozen items together, stacking my coupons for the clerk, and putting my cloth bags out that I had brought. The overheard conversation did not register with me until I got home. But I know that is what I heard. I have no idea how the conversation had started. I recall the clerk appearing uncomfortable and relieved when the woman was gone. The clerk checked me out and let me know that I’d sa

Angelo Sage Selected as Organizer

Angelo Sage begins as a part-time organizer this week for Justice for Andy. He is currently a sophomore at Central Wyoming College with a double major in media and business and plans to graduate in May with an associate degree. He has been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement as a means for getting justice and police accountability for Indigenous people. Angelo, age 22, is Northern Arapaho and lives on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Angelo is the first paid employee for this work. All others, including me, have been volunteers. Angelo, pictured on the right, is with his grandfather, Allison Sage, as they prepared recently to give the blessing before the 2 nd  Anniversary Memorial Walk for Andy Antelope who was killed at Walmart by a Riverton police officer on September 21, 2019. Angelo led the Memorial Walk to the Riverton City Park, with chants and participants carrying banners and signs. At our request, there was no police presence. We stayed on the sidewalk and self-m