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Recommitment at Memorial

Jordan Dresser, Chairman of the Northern Arapaho Business Council (NABC), spoke at the Memorial this past Tuesday saying, “What happened to Andy Antelope was so unfair at so many levels.” To hear all the speeches at the 2 nd   anniversary memorial of the police killing of Andy Antelope, listen to this YouTube filmed by Darrah Perrez on behalf of the Native Memory Project:   Other speakers included NABC co-chiar Lee Spoonhunter, Councilman Stephen Fasthorse, and State Senator Cale Case. Nearly 50 people completed the Memorial Walk from Walmart to the Riverton City Park with chants led by Angelo Sage, while 75 were at the park to hear the speeches and to enjoy pizza (Andy Antelope’s favorite food) and beverages provided by the Northern Arapaho Business Council and cookies provided by Dr. Rodger and Barbara Gose. The Eagle Drum group opened the event at the park. Indigenous healing blessings were offered prior to the walk and at the park. They ran out of t-

Turning Point

At what point do people decide that they are not going to take injustice anymore and push back? I believe it may be when they know that they have significant outside support. I recently read about how France surprisingly easily fell to Hitler’s Germany in the 1940’s. There was some resistance, but people’s fear and false propaganda combined to either have French who cooperated with the Germans benefiting personally by doing so or who believed that resistance would only make matters worse, which was probably true at the time. There were others, however, beginning with very few, who were not satisfied to just go along to get along and chose to resist, no matter the challenges. But the effort could not just be done from within. It took outside support. The book I am reading is about how Virginia Hall, an American from the United States who loved France, was able to make a significant difference in the resistance movement in France. But her courage would have been in vain had it not be

No One Is Disposable: Andy Deserves Justice - Memorial Walk on Tuesday, September 21

 Reporting of the People’s Theater Inquest failed to cover its intent, which was to expand the narrative about the police shooting of Andy Antelope beyond he had a knife and was shot. The attached ad is another attempt to expand the narrative for a fuller understanding by those who did not attend on August 13th why an inquest and justice are needed. Thanks to generous donations and talents, the ad below is what will become a full-page ad in the Riverton Ranger on Tuesday and in the Wind River News on Thursday. Here is what the ad says: --- The police did not need to kill Andy Antelope. On September 21, 2019, Andy Antelope was sitting at a picnic table outside Walmart, enjoying a brat he’d purchased at a veterans’ fundraiser trailer. Then a police officer showed up; 7 minutes and 14 seconds later, Andy was dead. Our community deserves to know more. A volunteer at the veterans’ fundraiser told the officer that Andy wasn’t causing problems and to leave him alone. Andy, who was disabled an

Make Andy Antelope's Life Matter on Tuesday, September 21

The Chief Deputy of the Fremont County Coroner, Erin Ivie, wrote to Anderson Antelope, Jr., to answer his question about whether the office intends to conduct a public coroner’s inquest into the death of his father, Andersson Antelope, Sr. She wrote, “The short answer is no.” She explained that there is no doubt that the cause of death is “a gunshot wound to the head occurring during a police action.” She wrote, “… it is obvious that this case is not Accident, Natural, or Suicide in manner but that the death occurred as a result of another person’s volitional actions.” She said this was a homicide and wrote, “I understand your concern regarding the circumstances of the death, and the actions of law enforcement. Whether the person(s) acted appropriately (justified/unjustified), their use of cameras, de-escalation techniques/tactics, whether the use of force was necessary, are all valid questions. However, an inquest will not answer the questions asked.” A front-page article in Sunday’s