Stand Up and Step Out

Rep. Andi Clifford is my hero. She stands up and steps out for justice and does not coddle the oppressors who push back. Thanks Andi!

Also, thanks to the new volunteers including a young student at Central Wyoming College. Thanks to those who helped clean up after the garage sale fundraiser so I can get my car back into my garage. All our efforts together make a difference.

Andrson Antelope, Jr. who is in prison believes his father is smiling down at us because of what we are doing to seek justice to prevent anything again like what happened to his father at Walmart last September 2019. Even from prison, Anderson is doing all he can, including sending money he got for COVID-19 relief.

It’s no longer, “I support what you are doing and cheer you on from a distance.” Nor “I would help, but I don’t know how.” Nor “I would help, but I have troubles of my own.” Nor “I would help, but I might lose friends.” Especially for those who are aspiring allies, it means standing up and stepping out more than in the past.

I understand; there are those who fear that if they act, they could lose their jobs that feeds their families or end up in prison like Anderson Antelope, Jr.  Tough choices. I am lucky. My primary source of income is my monthly social security check, and no one can take that away from me. I have a safety plan and friends who have my back. I’m white and benefit from white privilege.

Here are some opportunities for you to learn, to stand up and to step up.

Thursday: To learn the impact of the American Indian boarding schools, including Carlyle and local ones, had on the Wind River Indian Reservation, join us Thursday, September 2, 7 pm by Zoom for the monthly gathering of the Wind River Justice Pod. We will suspend other business to hear the stories passed down through families and a trailer of the film Coming Home from School. To receive the link, email me at

Dr. Frederick Douglass Dixon
Sunday: Dr. Frederick Douglass Dixon, the director of the University of Wyoming’s Black Studies Center, will speak on Sunday, September 5, 10 am at Highlands Presbyterian Church revisiting a famous Martin Luther King’s 1967 speech entitled “The Other America.” Dr. Dixon examines the ages-old adage that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” He will speak during Highlands’s 10 am worship service. Join in the Sanctuary (if vaccinated) or on Zoom. If you’d like the link, please email For more information, go to

Save the Date: Tuesday, September 21: Friends and family of Andy Antelope are sponsoring a Justice for Andy March from Riverton Walmart to the Riverton City Park followed by food and speakers. He was age 58, Northern Arapaho, disabled and severely intoxicated when killed by a police officer on September 21, 2019.

Actions for stepping up:

Support and promote the September 21st event. Needed in addition to walkers are a sound system for at the park, food, speakers, and volunteers. 

Full-page ad to expand the narrative about the killing of Andy Antelope for the community to better understand what happened and the need for a real inquest. Help fund it.

Justice for Andy petition drive with specific demands for justice. Circulate the petition.

We have been asked to again perform the People’s Theater Inquest, this time on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Help make that happen.

Mail contributions to Riverton Peace Mission, PO Box 255, Riverton, Wyoming or donate online at We welcome contributions of all amounts.

Fear not. Be bold. Build relationships. Be humble. Do justice.


Chesie Lee