Jurors for Theater Inquest Named

Only five days away, and as I go through the to-do list, I can now add that the three mock jurors for the People’s Theater Inquest have been selected.
Here’s what I can check off:
  • Location set – The Little Theater in the Student Center, Central Wyoming College.
  • Doors to open at 6:30 pm, Friday, performance begins at 7 pm.
  • Flyers printed and posted in the area.
  • Personal invitations were sent to the Riverton Mayor and City Council, Fremont County Commissioners, County Attorney, County Attorney, and Riverton Chief of Police.
  • Personal letters sent to State Legislators in the area.
  • Ads ran in the Riverton Ranger and Wind River News.
  • Articles were published in County 10 and the Riverton Ranger.
  • An interview scheduled tomorrow morning with Ernie Over on Wind River Radio.
  • The script is finalized, and readers have been selected, but we still have openings.
  • Humanities scholars Rev. Rodger McDaniel and L’Dawn Olsen to speak.
  • The audience participation in Part 4 of the event will be facilitated by Rev. Warren Murphy.
  • Nearly $1600 was raised towards the costs from Wyoming Humanities and the garage sales.
  • A live-stream link is in the works for the Riverton Peace Mission website Facebook page.
And now, meet the three mock jurors!
State Representative Andi Clifford who lives on the Wind River Reservation, is Northern Arapaho. She was selected to serve as a juror on the real inquest before it was thwarted by the County Attorney.

Kristen Schwartz is executive director of the Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, in Laramie. While an outsider point of view, she has an understanding about the dynamics of violence.

Chris Hulme is a member of Lander City Council, elected in 2018, and is an artist. He can bring a perspective of a member of a local government that is a border town sister city.
We sought a balance in gender, geography, and race. Concern has been raised that a majority are white who would view it from a perspective of white privilege, but since over 70% of the community is white, we want to reflect that in our mock juror selection for purposes of community dialogue.

The Theater Inquest cannot present evidence as a real inquest could do where there is subpoena power. What the mock jurors can do is ask the unanswered questions and express opinions about the cause of death leading to a broader perspective than now exists. If we do not, history will for sure repeat itself.

Please plan to attend virtually or in-person and if attending in person, volunteer to be a reader or assist in other ways. Invite your friends to attend. Make a donation to help offset the costs.
Fear not. Be bold. Build relationships. Be humble. Do justice.

Chesie Lee
You can support the Riverton Peace Mission at the website www.rivertonpeacemission.org or mail checks to PO Box 255, Riverton, WY 82501.