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Stand Up and Step Out

Rep. Andi Clifford is my hero. She stands up and steps out for justice and does not coddle the oppressors who push back. Thanks Andi! Also, thanks to the new volunteers including a young student at Central Wyoming College. Thanks to those who helped clean up after the garage sale fundraiser so I can get my car back into my garage. All our efforts together make a difference. Andrson Antelope, Jr. who is in prison believes his father is smiling down at us because of what we are doing to seek justice to prevent anything again like what happened to his father at Walmart last September 2019. Even from prison, Anderson is doing all he can, including sending money he got for COVID-19 relief. It’s no longer, “I support what you are doing and cheer you on from a distance.” Nor “I would help, but I don’t know how.” Nor “I would help, but I have troubles of my own.” Nor “I would help, but I might lose friends.” Especially for those who are aspiring allies, it means standing up and stepping

Protection or Intimidation: Two Views

Was extra security provided by the college and local law enforcement at the People’s Theater Inquest August 13 to protect those attending or to intimidate them? Extra college armed security in uniforms, including four visible near the registration table at the entrance and one sometimes at the doorway listening to the speakers, and three City of Riverton police cars in the west parking lot were visible. The building, including the Food Court, was closed except for the one entrance. Others were in locations less visible to the public. This was set up after I had refused to move the event to the Wind River Casino when called the day before. First View: The college administration received calls from the mayor of Riverton and college trustees about threats by anti-Black Lives Matter activists who were planning to bring weapons and disrupt the event. At first, they heard these threats were in social media. After no threats could be found, they determined that actions were being planned by p

Jurors for Theater Inquest Named

Only five days away, and as I go through the to-do list, I can now add that the three mock jurors for the People’s Theater Inquest have been selected. Here’s what I can check off: Location set – The Little Theater in the Student Center, Central Wyoming College. Doors to open at 6:30 pm, Friday, performance begins at 7 pm. Flyers printed and posted in the area. Personal invitations were sent to the Riverton Mayor and City Council, Fremont County Commissioners, County Attorney, County Attorney, and Riverton Chief of Police. Personal letters sent to State Legislators in the area. Ads ran in the Riverton Ranger and Wind River News. Articles were published in County 10 and the Riverton Ranger. An interview scheduled tomorrow morning with Ernie Over on Wind River Radio. The script is finalized, and readers have been selected, but we still have openings. Humanities scholars Rev. Rodger McDaniel and L’Dawn Olsen to speak. The audience participation in Part 4 of the event will be facilitated by

Coming Together for August 13

Anderson Antelope, Jr., called yesterday from prison and asked me to tell everyone hello. He calls about once a week and mails what he and a fellow inmate, a certified paralegal serving a life sentence, have researched and prepared for Justice for Andy. Andy (Anderson Antelope, Sr.) is Anderson’s father who was killed at Walmart September 21, 2019, by a Riverton Police Officer. Anderson appreciates what we are doing. Our action gives him hope that maybe there still can be accountability for his father’s death. The script for the People’s Theater Inquest to be presented Friday, August 13, 2019, 7 pm, at the Little Theater at Central Wyoming College includes Anderson’s words. He has reviewed the draft and it has his blessing. He much appreciates what we are doing. I only wish as he does also, that he could attend in person. Someone else will be reading his words for him. Feedback from some who have read the The People’s Theater Inquest draft script: “Very poignant and well written.” “Bal