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"Jesus and the Disinherited'- A Way Forward

  My bookshelf had become in much disarray and so I have begun going through books to get rid of those that I no longer want to make room for those that I want to add. What I discovered was how many books I possess that I have not yet read. One of those was   Jesus and the Disinherited  by Howard Thurman first published in 1949. I am unsure how I never had read it before! According to African American Vincent Harding, whom I had the fortune to spend a weeklong retreat with only a few years ago at Ring Lake Ranch near Dubois shortly before his death, this was a book that Martin Luther King, Jr., frequently carried with him to often reread. Harding was a speech writer for King and a great civil rights worker in his own right. Harding wrote the foreword in the edition of the book I have that talks about not only how relevant this book was to the civil rights movement but also going forward in order that the struggle is fulfilled for  any  who are oppressed. Again, the voices of descendant

The Fear is Real

A Native American woman looking for a place to live said that she was told by a property owner that they did not rent to Native Americans. I asked her if I could help file a legal complaint. The property owner had not even bothered to try to lie about it, like pretending that it was already promised to somebody else, a practice often used by landlords back in the 60’s who only rented to white people. Likely it would have been an easy case to win. The Native woman told me she did not want to pursue it. Native Americans at a meeting brought up the problem of getting tribal ID’s recognized as valid identification by Riverton businesses. A woman who worked for the city at the time said she had heard that often but was unable to get anyone willing to file a formal complaint. I hear stories about the rude treatment at Riverton businesses. One Native woman wondered whether white people would volunteer to shop for her, so she did not have to go through that nearly every time she shops in R